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Latest Innovative EMS Systems Being Launched in Europe

The ETS Group, a market leader in EMS products in many Asian countries and known for innovative LED products in Europe concerning its brand called ETS Lighting, is now also introducing its product range of next-generation EMS training devices for home users, physiotherapists, and gyms on to the European market.

For physical therapy business, an EMS version is available where up to 10 pads can be attached with the help of hook and loop fasteners. Each of the 10 channels can be controlled individually.

For home users and personal trainers who offer home visits, a mobile EMS sports suit can be used which is controllable via an Android app.

Gyms and sports centers have the choice of two EMS training systems with which up to 10 participants can exercise at the same time with individual programs. These EMS training options can be controlled by means of either a terminal or a tablet.

With the suit versions for sports centers, the signals can be transmitted by cable or wireless via Bluetooth to guarantee comfortable mobility during the EMS training.
About the ETS Group
The ETS Group produces wellness and beauty products, LED technology, CNC, as well as tooling and injection molding products at several locations in Asia, and supplies a number of well-known European industrial companies. Furthermore, the ETS Group operates an innovative development, design, and research center under the brand label AW-Laboratories in Asia.

Advantages and benefits for our customers and clients:

Own development center
Own test center
No additionally purchased items
Fast processing of incoming orders
Quick introduction of developments in the series
Multi-lingual, working APP that is 100 % compatible with all Android devices (phones & tablets)*
Multi-lingual app from July 2019 on
The FREE app can be installed from the playstore and you can have a look at the features of the app in advance.

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