EMS Training

Innovative • Effective • intensive

Physical activity is important, physical activity is healthy – physical activity keeps our body fit. Besides endurance training and working out, strength training has gained considerably great significance in the last 20 years. But why? Muscle training has an enormously beneficial effect on health because with increasing age, wear and tear of joints and cartilages is a very common side effect, and our upright posture becomes unstable and it leads to back pain and surgeries.

Muscle training means an increase in your performance and health – and that happens with every single training session. If our muscles are strengthened regularly to a much greater extent than usual, they will become stronger, more flexible, workable and more resistant. Likewise, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones benefit from strength training. Besides an increase in strength, you will achieve better blood circulation as well as increased metabolic activity by the specific activation of muscles.

Strong muscles are essential for health and stability in one’s younger years as well as in your old age: everyday movements such as carrying or lifting will become easier, your posture will be improved, our joints will be stabilized and relieved, and strength training will protect your body from injuries and cartilage damage as well. However, you need to start the training before you get old because already, at an age of 25, it slowly but steadily decreases in strength and stability so that we lose around 40 % of muscle mass by age 70. Thus, you have to start with strength training in your younger years and exercise regularly – but who has so much time? Only very few of us can put two to three times training a week into their schedule – however, in the long term, this is more important than anything else. How can this problem be solved? By EMS training.

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation and allows balanced, effective, intensive and especially time-saving strength training – currently an important innovation in the area of gyms and physical therapy. EMS means a training program in which the muscles are stimulated and thus strengthened by electrodes integrated into a suit or functional exercise vest which supplies a certain amount of electrical power to assist muscle contraction.

This time-saving and highly effective muscle training can be used on the whole body and has numerous positive effects on our health: increase in strength, strengthening of muscles, performance increase, regeneration, removal of back pain. In the case of EMS training, results can be achieved within minimal time in comparison with classic gym training where you would have to exercise several hours a week to achieve the same results. So why deal with working out three hours a week, heading to the gym, long travels and traffic, changing clothes, taking showers and rushing home again after 90 minutes when you could have highly effective training in only 20 minutes, and that even without any great effort? EMS training saves time, is easy, simple and uncomplicated. Using EMS regularly only 20 minutes of EMS training a week is enough to strengthen your muscles and to achieve a fit and healthy body all the way to your old age. EMS training allows an intensive full-body workout which is not possible to achieve in any other way and in such a short time.

How does EMS work? First, when you want to start with EMS training, we recommend a consultation with a coach who clarifies what you want to achieve with the training. Anyone who wants to lose weight must, for example, start endurance training and change his or her diet additionally, because you will not lose any extra pounds by pure strength training. However, to be able to start and continue endurance training, again, strong muscles and functional and resistant tendons, ligaments and joints are necessary. Strength training is, so to speak, the basis for endurance training. After the initial consultation, you will slip into a two-piece, skintight sports suit and follow the instructions of the trainer. For approximately 10 seconds, according to the instructions of the trainer, common exercises are to be carried out, each of which is interrupted by short walking intervals (exercises and walking intervals on an alternating basis). However, the impulses given off by the electrodes in the sports suit increase the effort and your core muscles get stimulated and activated as well. When buying a private EMS version, we recommend a consultation with a qualified coach beforehand.

EMS training is becoming increasingly important and has become so versatile that there are plenty of training options, locations, and opportunities available. The ETS Group, a market leader for EMS products in many Asian countries is now also launching in Europe, for example, a range of latest generation EMS devices for home users, physiotherapists and sports centers. Even mobile versions that can be controlled via the app are used in the care sector and during home visits.

People always thinks about the future in every respect. We build our own homes, we protect ourselves financially – but in order to live a long, healthy life and, above all, to enjoy retirement and experience wonderful twilight years, we need a strong body that keeps us on our feet. Specific, targeted muscle training for healthy, stable joints and bones – specific, targeted use of EMS.


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